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2020-2022 Un\natural

This series of paintings presents natural and artificial objects, dealing with the question of the natural and the unnatural. The displayed images seem to be taken from another era and are based on the classical painting techniques of northern renaissance paintings. The presentation of the natural versus the unnatural, examines the abilities of the human eye. Can she distinguish what is natural and what is not, and is it even necessary?



2020 40 x 40 cm oil on panel


The Last Cluster

2020. 40 x 40 cm on panel

ציור חדש.jpg

The Last Flower

2020. 40 x 40 cm oil on panel.

5Z0A2837-3fot site.jpg

The Last Toad

2021 40x 40 cm oil on panel.

4 copy.jpg

Moon watchers

2022 40 x 40 cm Oil on Panel.

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