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1992-1996 Journey to the east

I painted this series   after graduating from the art academy, I 'joined' the journey of Paul klee  and August  Macke to Tunisia,. The series begins with a painting whose origin is a photograph taken on the ship on their way. The images for the other three paintings are my personal experiences from where I live. The palm tree that symbolizes the east, the lost paradise in an orchard not far from my house and the stairs of the Ratisbon monastery in Jerusalem.


August Macke

Macke 1992 122 x122  cm Oil on canvas. Private Collection NY U.S.A

the pools.jpg

The Pools

1992,122 x 122cm oil on canvas. private collection Tel- Aviv Israel


Road With Palm Trees

1993 122 x 122 cm Oil on canvas


The Stairs

1994– 6, 122 x 122 cm   oil on canvas. Private collection U.S.A

1990-1991 Industrial landscape

This series of industrial landscapes was created from the desire to create one stable and strong image that contains many fragments as an essential part of its structure, a kind of imaginary architecture, a background for a delayed cinematic event without characters or just before they come on stage.

factory 1.jpg

Factory 1 

1990  220 x 151 cm oil on canvas

factory 2.jpg

Factory 2 

1990  220 x 151 cm oil on canvas


Factory 3 

1990  220 x 151 cm oil on canvas


Factory 4 

1990  220 x 151 cm oil on canvas


Factory 5 

1991 100 x 70 cm oil on canvas

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